1790 Census of All States for Barringer Surname

NOTES: the first two age fields are for free white males (over 16 and under 16 years of age),
then all free white females, then All other free people, then slaves, then page number
(r)=only one R in Barringer...they were listed as Baringer
(e)=an e instead of a...they were listed as Berringer
(er)=an e and one r...they were listed as Beringer

1790 Maryland

WashingtonAdam Baringer122----120
WashingtonCatherine Baringer--33----120
WashingtonLaurence Baringer113----120

1790 New York

JamaicaDick Baringer2--1----150
LivinggtonPeter Berringer121----71
LivingstonJohannis Berringer135----72
RhinebeckWilliam Berringer1321--92
RhinebeckHenry Berrigner349----93
LivingstonCoonradt Beringer235----70

1790 North Carolina

LincolnHenry Byringer13110
MecklenburgPaul Barringerl4413--161
MecklenburgJohn Barringer1542--161
MecklenburgMathias Baringer3362--161
RowanPeter Baringer313----177
RowanJacob Baringer112----178

1790 Pennsylvania

AlleghenyRichard (r)113----19
BucksBarnet (r)2--3----53