Military Records for the Barringer surname:

Revolutionary War Graves in North Carolina

Source: Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 1. Dallas: Pioneer Heritage Press, page 55

  • Barringer, Henry - Wey's Crossing Cemetery, Old Rhinebeck NY 70
  • Barringer, John - Reformed Church Cemetery, Germantown, Columbia Co NY 79
  • Barringer, John Paul - St John's Evangical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cabarrus Co NC 49

Civil War

The Book I abstracted this information from years ago has 19 volumes and growing. The volume containing the 9th regiment is now missing from the library and I can't remember if those listed are Mecklenburg or Cabarrus county. I'm pretty sure Mecklenburg, but if anyone is able to fill in the county and rank for me, please contact me!

5th Reg. Co BBarringer H CPvt11/9/62-dCabarrusNC
5th Reg. Co.BBarringer MathiasPvt9/21/64-dCabarrusNC
5ht Reg. Co.GBarringer George A.Prvt3/19/1865-dNorthamptonNC
5th Reg. Co.GBarringer William GPvtCabarrusNC
5th Reg. Co.GBarringer Willie J.PvtNorthamptonNC
5th Reg. Co.KBarringer MosesPvt5/17/1865-dRowanNC
5th Reg. Co.KBarringer Paul DPvt12/30/63-dRowanNC
8th Reg. Co.HBarringer Cager DPvtCabarrusNC
8th Reg. Co.HBarringer Caleb ECorpCabarrusNC
8th Reg. Co.HBarringer Jackson EPvt4/20/64-kCabarrusNC
8th Reg. Co.HBarringer Jacob A1st Srgt4/20/64-kCabarrusNC
8th Reg. Co.HBarringer Rufus APvt10/8/64-dCabarrusNC
9th Reg. Co.F&S (1st Calvary)Barringer Victor C?Mecklenburg?NC
9th Reg. Co.F (1st Calvary)Barringer Paul A?Mecklenburg?NC
9th Reg. Co.F (1st Calvary)Barringer Rufus?Mecklenburg?NC
20th Reg. Co.ABarringer Edward LPvt9/30/62-dCabarrusNC
28th Reg. Co.EBarringer George EPvtCabarrusNC
28th Reg. Co.EBarringer William DavidsonCaptMontgomeryNC
56th Reg. Co.KBarringer Daniel APvtCabarrusNC
57th Reg. Co.FBarringer John J1st SrgtCabarrusNC

NOTE: in the "Died" column, if there is a death date, it means they died during the war, otherwise they survived. if there is a "-d" it means they died of wounds or sickness, if there is a "-k" is means they were killed in battle

WWI Service Records:

Name:Birth Date:Race:Birth Place:County:State:
Edwin Loren Barringer16 Sep 1884WhiteBannockID
Frank Addison Barringer7 Nov 1897WhiteHindsMS
Richard Barringer12 Oct 1892BlackVicksburg MSWarrenMS
Willis Barringer15 Oct 1880WhiteDe SotoFL
William Fredk Barringer7 Apr 1873WhiteVolusiaFL
Laurance Chandler Beringer28 Aug 1892WhiteTacoma WAWhite PineNV
Victor Berringer12 Apr 1890Pomery WAKootenaiIdaho
Charles William (Sr.) Behringer14 Jun 1881WhiteWilmingtonDE
Dell George Behringer25 Sep 1892WhiteBelton TXHowardTX
Earnest G. Behringer22 Mar 1891WhiteLee Co. TXCarsonTX
Harry Jacob Behringer31 Dec 1884WhiteWilmingtonDE
Leonard Godfrey Behringer12 Feb 1876WhiteWilmingtonDE
Leslie Charles Behringer10 Mar 1893WhiteWilmington DEWilmingtonDE
William John Behringer12 Aug 1877WhiteWilmingtonDE

Non War Service

Charles actually may have participated in the Spanish-American war

Regiment/Company:Name:Residence:Mustered out:
3rd Reg. Co. A "Black Troops"Charles BarringerCharlotte (MecklenburgCo. NC)May 12 1898 to Fort Macon