Will of Christina Barringer

dated March 26, 1860, proved 1863

This will is transcribed verbatim, including spelling and puncuation. The will is in very nice penmanship, not sure if she wrote it or perhaps her daughter (notice, she used an X mark). This is the wife of Nicholas Barringer, her maiden name is Peeler, the daughter of Michael Peeler and Anna M. Redwine. As far as I know, her birthdate is unknown, but Michael is in records for both Granville County and Rowan County in the late 1700s. Eve/Eva and Paul are both known children of Nicholas.

         State of North Carolina Rowan County.
I, Christina Barringer, of the County of Rowan and State
of North Carolina, being of sound mind and a disposing
memory, but considerin the uncertainty of my earthly existence
do make this my last Will and Testament, in manner and
form following, that is to say.  First I commit my soul to 
God who gave it, and my body to the earth from whence
it was taken, and my Executor, (herein after named,) provide 
for my body a decent burial, pay all my funeral expenses 
and all my just debts out any money that may first 
come into his hands asa part or parcel of my estate
   Item.  First, I will that soon after my death, my Executor 
make sale of all my property, collect all money that may 
be owing to me, and pay off all expenses and just debt 
against my estate, then divide the memainder, if any, 
between two of my children, viz. Eve Elizabeth Graeber 
and my son Paul Barringer, to share equal and alike 
in the said remainder of my estate, to have and to hold 
the same to themselves and their heirs forever. 
     Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son Paul 
Barringer as Executor to execute this my last will and 
Testament to all intents and purposes, every part 
and clause thereof, hereby revoking all other Wills and Testamts 
that I may have heretofore made, either written or Verbal. 
    In testamony, whereof I Christina Barringer do hereunto 
set my hand and affix my seal this 26th day of March 1860
    Singed and sealed in the presence                   her
    of us, who at her request and in        Christina (X) Barringer (seal)
    her presences subscribe our names}               mark
    hereunto a witnesses                       }
               P A Sifferd Jr
               [illegible signature ending with Jr] 

                            Frederick L[??????]valt